The Missing Episodes Part 3 (b) – The Moonbase

This post also goes by the title: “Why the omnirumour ought to be resolved ASAP” – for reasons I shall now explain.

This is how November 2013 should have gone. Having enjoyed the BBC’s telesnap reconstruction of The Moonbase, I finally get to watch the serial in full with the missing episodes animated. While pricey as a new release, I enthuse about the fantastic DVD cover artwork and being able to watch another adventure featuring not just the Cybermen, but the Cybermen in my most favourite of forms – as they appeared in The Tomb of the Cybermen. Curiosity sated, I am able to rank the story among the others appearing in this blog.

As I say, that is how it ought to have happened. Instead of which we got the omnirumour in June 2013, followed by the release of The Enemy of the World and The Web of Fear in October. And where before I would have bought The Moonbase with gladness, delighted at being able to own a long desired serial on DVD, I was now left conflicted. What if the missing episodes 1 and 3 have been found? What if two or three years down the line, I’d be looking at buying The Moonbase again, completely found and restored?

That is what sets this serial aside from other stories that have had their missing episodes recently animated. Where I am willing to wait for some sort of final statement on the omnirumour before deciding whether or not to buy The Ice Warriors and The Reign of Terror, it is likely that I will buy the Moonbase as soon as the price comes down, for the simple reason that it is a story I have been wanting to watch for a very long time. The Tomb of the Cybermen ranks very highly in my most favoured Doctor Who episodes, and is among the stories first watched as a child that left a lasting impression upon me. Despite reservations that The Moonbase is the least enjoyable of the ‘base-under-siege’ stories that typified this era of the show’s history, that lasting impression leaves me hungry to see what the Cybermen were like in the story.

I would say it is likely by my birthday next February I will own the DVD, and then be able to rank the story with the rest. It is also feasible of course, that by next February we hear news that means I’ll be awaiting a new release of the DVD, featuring the recovered and restored episodes 1 and 3. It goes without saying that I would be more than willing to wait if it meant getting to watch the serial in full. In the meantime – let’s have some closure on the omnirumour!


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