What do you think so far?

Dear readers – we are almost 30 posts into my countdown through 137 Doctor Who Serials!

I hope you have been enjoying the journey so far – I am sure there have been shocks and eyebrows raised, whether it is my brutal dislike of Sylvester McCoy’s era (or anything from the 80s for that matter) to the fact that no Patrick Troughton serial has made an appearance yet. Such disagreement is fantastic, because it shows what a varied fanbase the show enjoys.

Ahead of continuing my countdown, here is a quick reminder of the serials we have counted through so far – do tweet me at @dantalksdrwho with your comments on where I have placed each story – agree, disagree or just plain baffled!

108         The Android Invasion (Coming Today)
109         The Sensorites
110         The Web Planet
111         The Time Monster
112         The Power of Kroll
113         The Ribos Operation
114         The Creature from the Pit
115         The Claws of Axos
116         Planet of the Spiders
117         Revelation of the Daleks
118         The Awakening
119         The Two Doctors
120         Silver Nemesis
121         Terminus
122         Time-Flight
123         Warriors of the Deep
124         The King’s Demons
125         Ghost Light
126         Black Orchid
127         Time and the Rani
128         Dragonfire
129         Survival
130         Battlefield
131         The Greatest Show In the Galaxy
132         The Twin Dilemma
133         The Happiness Patrol
134         Four To Doomsday
135         Timelash
136         Delta And the Bannermen
137         Paradise Towers


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