Underused Enemies 1: The Yeti

Dear readers, I confess that my first returning enemy is a bit of a cheat. Strictly speaking, the real enemy of The Abominable Snowmen and The Web of Fear is not the Yeti themselves, but the Great Intelligence, who very cunningly made a comeback to modern Doctor Who just as Philip Morris revealed to Steven Moffat that he’d recovered the lost prints for Web (ca-CHING much?)

That said – it also demonstrates where the modern producers have rather missed the point. While the eponymous Snowmen from the Matt Smith Christmas Special may have served a useful purpose both as plausible threat and disguising the true entity of the Great Intelligence in the background, neither they or the Whispermen from The Name of the Doctor are as impressive a monster as the Yeti. I was not expecting to be wowed by The Web of Fear, but enjoyed it very much, and I think a great part of that was the threat of the Yeti themselves – not least the menacing growl when one approaches. I was so impressed that my immediate regret was not being able to appreciate the Yeti in their debut story – and hence my desire for the BBC to recover the story increased exponentially!

The Yeti are long overdue a decent comeback – the token Yeti in The Five Doctors was underwhelming to say the least, mostly due to fact that the costume had completely deteriorated while in storage, and so they had to use a host of very dimly lit or distant shots! As to what kind of story they would be best in – I think a two parter where it was evident that it was the Great Intelligence at work is most evident. I imagine something similar to Dark Water/Death in Heaven would work really well – where the Doctor imagines he has a handle on the Great Intelligence, and the first part concludes with the revelation that a mass army of Yeti is awakening across the world. Of course – it doesn’t have to be the Yeti, and in a later post I plan to propose a villain who could make an equally plausible master of an army of Yeti …


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