Underused Enemies 4 – The Jagaroth

I am ashamed to say that when I first came up with this list of underused enemies, the Jagaroth didn’t even make the cut! Perhaps it is for the best – City of Death is universally recognised as an utterly exceptional story, and Julian Glover is equally superb playing villain supreme, Scaroth, the last remaining Jagaroth.

So I guess it is a legitimate question. Would the Jagaroth cut the ice as baddies in their own right? The Fourth Doctor described them as “An awful warrior race that won’t be missed” – so I think it might be quite intriguing to see just how bad they were! Even if the sole purpose of the story was to discover that somehow Scaroth had survived his apparent demise at the end of City of Death (which, face it, given how many times the Master has come back from the grave, ought to be easy) it would be worth the watch.

So many avenues would be open – the episode showed that Scaroth was scattered across all of human history. Imagine Peter Capaldi facing Julian Glover, only set in a different historical era, and with a different plan, now that the original plan had failed? Imagine for example that his new plan had allowed just one more Jagaroth to escape into his timezone, and they were plotting to save the rest. And then imagine the attack eyebrows getting to work …


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