Underused Enemies 6 – Sutekh

I have made several pleas in this short series for Steven Moffat to bring back enemies to Nu Who. Steven – if by some miracle you are reading this, and you only take away one request, then please take away this one: Bring back Sutekh in Series 9

Sutekh, the last of a powerful race known as the Osirians (basically the gods of ancient Egypt) makes his one appearance in Pyramids of Mars – but what an appearance. Gabriel Woolf produces a masterclass in voice acting – when Sutekh speaks it chills the bone. You forget that he is bound to a chair, seemingly imprisoned forever and instead sense the aura of his power and malevolence. In a rare event for Doctor Who, the show purposefully shows what the future would look like if Sutekh wins, showing an utterly devastated earth. Right until the very end you hold your breath, fearful that somehow he may yet win, and wondering how the Doctor can hope to stop him.

Need I make more of a case? As I have said before, Doctor Who hires very creative writers to come up with very creative ways to demonstrate that a person/species/planet isn’t actually dead – so Sutekh’s seeming demise need be no barrier. A story featuring the malevolent awfulness of Sutekh, and the full threat of his evil power would be genuinely frightening and exciting concurrently – not least to imagine Peter Capaldi facing off against him. We very rarely see the Doctor face an enemy who possess the means to destroy all of creation (the Daleks really don’t count) and carry the clear understanding that if freed they will proceed directly to destruction. Sutekh is such an enemy, and he is long overdue a comeback.

This then is the last of my enemy reviews, until later in my countdown I review my best loved recurring enemies. In my next post we continue the countdown with a William Hartnell adventure at number 100 …


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