87 – The Horns of Nimon

Let’s begin by acknowledging the elephant in the room – when you hear the character of Soldeed calling out “Lord Niiiiiiiiiiiiimon!” you do have to resist the urge to join in the pantomime and yell at your television “He’s behind you!” There is something rather comic about this serial, reflecting perhaps the hand of the Script Editor, some chap called Douglas Adams …

The elephant acknowledged, let’s embrace the many positives of this story. As per usual the Doctor ends up involved in events by the misfortune of stumbling into them, and finds himself caught between the latest subjugated species and imperial overlords, who all turn out to be pawns in the Machiavellian clutches of the titular Nimon – a bull like creature who lives in a maze and more than owes his heritage to the tale of Theseus and the Minotaur. As with much of Season 17, it is really Baker and Ward as the Doctor and Romana who make this serial entertaining, somehow managing to combine both seriousness and humour in equal measure. It is a story best enjoyed with one’s disbelief firmly suspended lest one poke fun at the acting and holes in the plot – it is perfectly enjoyable as a standard monster story, and a sight better than The God Complex – the Nu Who story this serial inspired.

I didn’t actually expect much of this serial on the DVD, but was pleasantly surprised by how well the story bore up under scrutiny. This is very much a strong candidate for a DVD I won’t save for my Season 1 to Season 26 marathon before I watch it again.



2 thoughts on “87 – The Horns of Nimon

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