Talking about my (re)generation

Do forgive my shameless use of the most overused pun in Doctor Who, as I take a break from my reviews to ponder a hypothetical question – albeit one that I hope should not have to arise for some years yet! In time the fateful day will come when Peter Capaldi decides to retire his attack eyebrows and surrender the TARDIS console to someone new – and I would give my eye teeth to avoid the dreadful show the BBC put on to reveal the new Doctor.

So I would like to propose an idea that Steven Moffat is almost certainly not going to read, but I shall feel better for having said it. I do not believe that we could have an unscheduled regeneration where the Doctor is not revealed in advance – the potential for spoilers and leaks is simply too great. But I do believe we could produce a shock of the first order with the following scene.

The background – Peter Capaldi confirms that his last appearance in Doctor Who will be the Christmas special of a given year. The series ends with some sort of peril taking place elsewhere … which knowing the BBC will almost certainly involve some sort of Mexican standoff between the Doctor and the Inter-planetary pepperpots. The Doctor leaves his companion (hopefully before then the BBC will have found some way to irreversibly strand Clara in E-Space or something …) on earth, promising to come back soon. In earth time, several months pass, and no sign of the Doctor – and no indication of the resolution of the Mexican standoff. Finally the companion receives a note: “25th December – be ready” – which of course is an obvious reference to the Christmas episode. As the companion ponders why the Doctor did not deliver it in person, the camera pans to a pair of boots walking – which arrive at a familiar bright blue box. The door opens, and the camera pans up to a new face, and the text appears:


Now for Rowan Atkinson you could of course have any other actor (personally I’d love to see Sean Pertwee given a go!) – but I think this would be a much better way to unveil the new Doctor than the rubbish announcement programmes the BBC have done before now, and would be sensational for the shock value – unlike Ms Kardishan I suspect it probably WOULD break the internet! Suffice to say, Capaldi would get his farewell at Christmas, but with the tension of when the regeneration was going to happen and Atkinson would first appear as the Doctor.

So what do you think readers – would this work?

(Incidently, if they are looking for a new Doctor soon, I have no acting ability whatsoever but do a mean regional accent!)


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