The mysterious non reply of the BBC

And so the epic odyssey of Doctor Who’s missing episodes rumbles on! Last week Eddie McGuigan from Outpost Skaro broke the sad (but sadly not unexpected) news that The Underwater Menace DVD has been indefinitely postponed … AGAIN.

This news was very intriguing, as I had only a week or so ago received a ‘non-reply’ reply to an email I had sent to the BBC asking whether they wanted to take up any of my ingenious ideas for future DVD releases. The reply (with my original message below) is as follows:


I hadn’t planned to share the email, wanting to give BBC Worldwide the benefit of the doubt, and worried that it’s the likes of me posting information that discourages them from being forthcoming! But with the cancellation of The Underwater Menace, I suddenly feel much more inclined to start asking questions. And the most straightforward question is why are the BBC being so evasive? It takes five seconds to type either “There will be no future releases. Full stop. End of.” or “We cannot confirm any future releases.” As Hercules Poirot notes in one Agatha Christie novel, a character stating the conditional “If I had been …” rather than outright denial or confirmation gives one pause to think, “Why not a straightforward denial?” That they are ‘trying to obtain an update’ suggests that there is something in the pipeline, but that nobody seems to know what it is, or perhaps if they are allowed to tell anybody!

In light of the latest cancelled release (which if you read the Twitter roll from earlier, seems to be outside of the control of BBC Worldwide) it is strange that the BBC want to acknowledge the email (and I shall await their reply with interest!) but seem to have their hands tied. It makes me wonder what the background details may be … I have resigned myself to the death of the omnirumour, but it may be possible that there are strong leads for a select number of serials. Or it may be that there is internal politicking between different branches of the BBC. Or it may simply be an inelegant fob off!

This is why it is evident the the omnirumour has morphed into the zombierumour – not alive enough to be useful, but not dead enough to allow the BBC to get on with plugging the gaps or producing new material to complement the classic DVD range. In any event, we can only continue to pester the BBC, and patiently hope that eventually something will happen.


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