Long-term readers of this blog will know that I have a thing about the missing episodes of Doctor Who. I fully accept that despite the wonderful recovery of The Enemy of the World and The Web of Fear in 2013, we may never recover any further episodes – while obviously continuing to hope with great hope that we may yet see more episodes recovered.

And yet I am not contented to simply say that with the soon release of The Underwater Menace that the Classic DVD line is defunct. A few months ago, while reconciling myself to the (seeming) death of the omnirumour, I set out a number of ways that the BBC could continue to invest in the classic DVD range, not least to plug the gaps left by the missing episodes. The post, available on this link, set out how the BBC could release further DVDs to expand the classic DVD collection, and enable fans to appreciate their favourite show even more.

To that end, I have written to BBC Worldwide the following letter, raising these ideas with them, and asking them to set out their hopes and plans for the classic Doctor Who DVD range:


In addition to this, from now on I will be complementing my semi-regular blogs on the classic series countdown with a new Monday Twitter campaign: #MissingEpisodesMonday

The aim of the campaign is to use the power of the internet (and social media in particular) to gather a cohort of fans of classic Doctor Who who would welcome some or all of the ideas set out in the letter, both for the DVD collection, and also to see further TARGET novelisations released in eBook formats.

If you’re with me, and you’d like to support the campaign, click HERE to tweet your support and raise awareness for #MissingEpisodesMonday!

As I said from the start, this blog is a tribute to a show that has given me more than twenty years of unalloyed pleasure and enjoyment, and sparked my imagination in wondrous ways. I feel all of us can identify with that – and certainly would love to enjoy even more of our favourite show!


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