Introducing the new companion

Today’s post was inspired by the tweet below from Doctor Who Worldwide:


I began to have a think – what did I want in the new companion?

And this is the crazy idea I came up with …

In episodes 1 and 2, the new companion (we will call her Susan for convenience) is on earth when the Doctor does his usual stunt of pulling an innocent by-stander into some sort of alien incursion on earth. What is different this time, is that the Doctor knows Susan, and indeed greets her with the line “How did you get here?” (which would of course give scope for the usual comedic replies … “Number 14 bus” … “I was … born?”)

Cue viewer surprise and astonishment when Susan is left behind at the end of episode 2, the Doctor saying “Don’t worry – you’re going to see me again soon.” Most crucially – the TARDIS is not seen at all during this episode, the Doctor instead using a vortex manipulator.

Episode 3 sees Susan meet the Doctor again (this time with his TARDIS), but confusingly he has no memory of her, or of the previous adventure. It becomes clear that the Doctor is on the run from something (a recurring theme in the series) – and the episode concludes with Susan joining the Doctor in the TARDIS. It is then that he drops the bombshell – because he’s running from something (and being the Doctor, he doesn’t specify what) he cannot take Susan back to earth – lest they get him.

It all comes to a crescendo in Episode 10, which ends with the cliffhanger of Susan trapped somewhere, and the Doctor trying to chase after her using a Vortex manipulator.

The brighter of you will have worked out the twist – when Susan first meets the Doctor, the Doctor has already experienced episodes 3 to 10. When the Doctor first meets Susan, he hasn’t experienced episodes 1 and 2 yet. The end of episode 10 leads into the start of episode 1, while the end of episode 2 leads into the start of episode 11.

It would look something like the infographic below:


I have plenty of ideas in terms of who or what the Doctor is running from (and what else could go on in Series 10) – but what do people think of this suggestion for introducing the Doctor’s newest companion?


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