Five Reflections on Three Years of Blogging

This last week has been a very strange one. For the first time in three years I did not write a blog piece, having just finished my countdown of classic Doctor Who with my review of The Tomb of the Cybermen. It occured to me that with 2017 coming to an end, it was a natural point to reflect on three years of talking about Doctor Who.

Those of you who have read my very first post, may recall that the catalyst for the blog was completing (or so I had thought!) my classic Doctor Who DVD collection. What I did not share on the blog was part of my motivation for blogging. At the time I was very much in a bad mental space; I’d lost a lot of self confidence and was hyper-critical of everything I undertook. Starting the blog was a part of my recovery – I’d realised I hadn’t written anything for fun for a very long time, and I had often allowed my fear of producing something imperfect to stop me from even starting on a written project.

Along the way from Paradise Towers to Tomb of the Cybermen I’ve covered 26 seasons of fun, drama, and dubious special effects! I also surprised myself in a number of ways:

  1. Given that each blog has generally averaged at 800 words, I was astonished to realise that with 223 blog posts written, I have written something in the region of 180,000 words. Quite a few of those words are complete nonsense, fanciful, or speculative – but that’s not the point! The habit of blogging over three years produced all of that content – and that’s something that anybody can do – including you!
  2. It was also astonishing how the blog went in directions that surprised me. I hadn’t expected to spend so long writing about missing episodes – I still get a few people stumbling across my hopeful speculation thanks to Google! I also didn’t expect to collaborate with others on wonderful tributes to the history of Doctor Who. It was a powerful reminder that even something small and simple can bring out new areas of creativity and expression you never expected of yourself.
  3. It has been incredibly nice to write for an audience of one. It has been a wonderful release to write a blog piece, and to not care about the inevitable mistakes, or poorly worded phrases, or whether the piece will be harshly judged. It is definitely true that you create more when you stop worrying what others think, and just get on with creating.
  4. I’ve also come to appreciate better just what hard work creating is. I discovered that you can write a lot in ten minutes, but it’s incredibly hard to restrain yourself to ten minutes! I learned how time consuming it is to edit posts, find artwork, set up social media posts, and a lot more besides. In short – I’ve learned to be a lot kinder to myself, and not to fret about impossible to reach standards!
  5. And finally – I’ve made a lot of good friends! I’ve met none of them, but it’s been a joy to debate with other Doctor Who fans on my twitter account. We all have different opinions on the best and worst of each Doctor, but we all love the show. It has been wonderful to enjoy that difference, and to be unashamedly a fan of a slightly zanny 50 year old British sci-fi programme.

I’m not entirely sure where the blog will be going in 2018 now that I have finished the review. I am getting the new Shada release for Christmas, so a review of that will definitely be forthcoming! I can’t imagine missing episodes speculation will ever die away – we may even see new animations, or new adventures with David Bradley portraying Hartnell’s Doctor. And I am just beginning to explore the vast range of audio adventures offered by Big Finish.

Regardless of what comes next, it’s been great fun so far, and I have been grateful to you, dear readers, for enjoying this adventure with me!


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