Update from Dan: A break to reflect

Hello readers! I hope you have enjoyed a restful Christmas, and that 2018 is off to the start you hoped for.

As followers of my Twitter account have already seen, 2018 began with bigger news for me than even the return of more missing episodes – my wife and I have had a lovely baby boy, who has already watched (well … been present for!) his first episode of Doctor Who!

Even before our son’s birth, I had already decided that I was going to begin 2018 by taking a break from social media for a month. I reflected that I was spending a ridiculous amount of time checking for news updates and seeing who was responding to my posts, rather than enjoying actual life.

I had no desire to spend the first few precious weeks of our son’s life on a tiny screen rather than enjoying this tiny person, and so I resolved that as soon as we’d announced the happy news on Facebook to family and friends, I would uninstall Facebook and Twitter from my phone, and take a short sabbatical from social media.

What does this mean for you dear readers? Well, there is still more Doctor Who content to come! I’m hoping to write some fresh reflections on missing episodes; write a review of the Shada animation; and many more ideas besides! But I plan to enjoy January with my new family, and return refreshed in February!

As a final bonus – the last couple of times I took myself away from social media, there usually followed some sort of news about Doctor Who missing episodes. As I’m vanishing for a month, odds are I’ll come back to discover they’ve found The Daleks’ Master Plan!

I look forward to catching up with everyone on my return – Monday 12th February. Happy new year!


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