The Season 24 that should have been

Having now consigned Season 24 almost exclusively to the bottom ten, I would now like to conjecture on what could have been done to salvage the show – because in reviewing the four serials that made up Sylvester McCoy’s first season I was struck that none of the stories were irredeemable, merely badly executed.

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128 – Dragonfire

As readers who have followed this blog from the beginning will have already grasped, Season 24 of the classic series is easily my most disliked season of the original series run. I have mentioned five other series in the bottom ten (granted, all produced in the 1980s) but the point is that each series has had at least one decent story to redeem it. Rather tragically this is not the case for Season 24, which is why Dragonfire rounds off our bottom ten.

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136 – Delta and the Bannermen

I’m afraid my list doesn’t make any better reading for fans of the seventh doctor …

I first encountered this serial as a TV repeat on UK Gold (now foolishly renamed Go On Laugh Daily) – only catching the first episode by chance as a young teenager. As with Paradise Towers it was yet another triumph of youthful hope over seasoned experience – I quite wanted to watch the rest of it, but my ever wise dad advised against it.

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