This site is regenerating …

Hello readers!

I’m taking a pause from the countdown to briefly update you all on what is happening with the blog. During my much needed summer break I took the time to ponder how I was going to manage several of my digital projects – not least of which the fact that I use my main twitter account mostly for my involvement in Oxford politics, and so for the sake of everyone’s sanity, I should keep politics and Doctor Who separate!

I have now decided to go beyond simply reanimating my Twitter account, and to give the whole site a makeover. While I will continue blogging, particularly when Series 9 begins in September, I’m also planning to liaise with my very artistic sister to give the whole site a makeover and properly connect it to social media. I’m also going to review how I have collated articles, review the countdown in view of stories that had not been included – and much more besides!

In short, you’re not going to see much on the surface for a while yet – but the moment (of change) is being prepared for!